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Dedicated Server

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Dedicated Server is part of ZebraHosts.  We have a datacentre in the North East England and will provide high quality co-location and web hosting solutions for companies seeking a dedicated facility which offers a secure place in which to physically house server hardware and equipment.

A dedicated server will allow your business to get going without purchasing the servers yourself.  Dedicated servers can be configured to meet your needs precisely by our experienced and qualified engineers.   Zebrahosts can also offer server management so that you can be confident that your hosting is being handled by experts - it completely depends on your experience!

Selecting a dedicated facility with redundant power and high speed resilient connectivity is important for protecting information and bolsters the integrity of your business. We all want to know that, as customers, our information is being protected and storing server equipment on your own premises makes it more likely to fall victim to a fire, power cut or vandalism.

Dedicated datacentres, like those utilised by ZebraHosts clients, supply electricity, air conditioning, connectivity to the Internet, fire safety and back up power facilities - in short, everything to ensure the high server availability which is vital for all businesses.

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